Shared Web Hosting

Our hosting plans are tailored to suit individuals and small businesses. With generous disk and bandwidth limits and unlimited features, these plans can be extended as much as necessary to support your needs. There are two options available, separated by host location. We guarantee availability of disk space and bandwidth – we never oversell!

Australian Hosting

See all Australian Hosting plans available in Sydney or Melbourne

Server Details Domains MySQL Pricing (AUD)
Disk Bandwidth Free * Addon Parked Databases Set-up Monthly Yearly Order Now
Bronze 500 MB 10 GB No 1 1 5 FREE! $5 $50 Sydney | Melbourne
Silver 1 GB 50 GB No 3 3 10 FREE! $10 $100 Sydney | Melbourne
Gold 3 GB 100 GB YES! 5 5 Unlimited! FREE! $15 $150 Sydney | Melbourne
Platinum 5 GB 250 GB YES! 10 10 Unlimited! FREE! $20 $200 Sydney | Melbourne
AU Diamond 10 GB Unlimited! YES! Unlimited! Unlimited! Unlimited! FREE! $25 $250 Sydney | Melbourne

1GB = 1000MB. Additional server space and bandwidth are available on request at additional cost. Reseller accounts available subject to application and approval. Free accounts subject to approval and server availability and require manual setup. Limit of one free account per customer.

* Free primary domain for the hosting plan, one per account.